The Main Design Values

Your credential/ID allows you access and privileges. Yet authentication rarely occurs.

Mindless access control or card issuance is a major problem in today's world. Our corporate culture of branding guidelines does not include security features. Art departments and security directors couldn't be further apart. We need to bridge that gap and this site hopes to educate and inform. 

In the coming months we will begin releasing design templates at a discounted price. The goal is for the end-user to add their logo and/or request modifications to the template so it is unique to them. The templates will serve as an upgrade to the current identification, loyalty, membership, access control or event cards.

Design contracts are at the core of our craft and the reason secure templates may take time to populate. 

Cost Structure


Upgrading your card, to be secure, shouldn't be so hard...

Purchase the template outright 


A truly secure card is one that is downloaded once, unique and modified for the end-user.


$500 - $5,000


Download, single license/use


We understand card security upgrade is better than what you are currently using. Single use only.


$500 - $1,000


Download, multi license/use


Multiple use cases for a design include card orientation, card size and modifications for card materials.  


$1,000 - $3,000



Modifications include adding your logo, changing color scheme, adding or subtracting elements, etc. 


Hourly - $200