With Real ID approaching in 2020, identity cards and credentials need a refresh. We're here to help!



We provide high-quality design services for your Real ID compliant cards.


Help us create a story/artboard.  The design should make you proud and we'll work to secure it after your input, images and objectives are established.


Designs can take months depending on the criteria and availability of the designer. Please let us know the timeline to complete the project right away.


The final design can be sent via thumb drive, secure email or manufactured in our state-of-the-art, card production facility.

Why You Should Use

With 3 generations of card manufacturing experience, we evolve quicker than the industry.

Today, we welcome laser engravers, polycarbonate cards and secure designs. From design to production, let us help you layer the card with features that are a counterfeiter's nightmare. Armed with software tools and a production plant, we are your source for an identity refresh that meet or exceeds Real ID standards. 

Security features to enhance your card design


Below are some examples of features that will protect your identity, facility, event and lives.

Pantone Colors


The logic is sound. Scanners & copiers import images in CMYK, RGB or grayscale. Printing in Pantone colors creates additional dots when the images are scanned in and destroys native elements.

IR Drop-Out Inks


Inks that react to infrared light in a whole range of different ways, providing a highly secure feature to your card. The ink appears normal to a countefeiter yet can dissapear under an IR light. IR lights are also available for sale. Currency-grade.

Split-Fountain Printing


Using a single printing plate, this highly secure process allows for multiple colors (and blending) to be printed on one press unit. Incredibly destructive to counterfeiting as only a few US plastic card facilities have presses (and pressmen) that have the know-how. Currency-grade.



Multiple Laser Image is the newest feature to hit the card market and we are proud to offer it. Please view the video above.

Optically Variable Inks


Easily verified by users without any tools required, these inks are silkscreened and change colors. Colors available are based on inventory.


Guilloche/Duplex Printing

Custom user-generated line patterns that create havoc for a counterfeiter (as they have to re-create the pattern & clipping masks). These line segments make up the majority of secure card backgrounds due to the fact that desktop printers cannot image them. PMS colors are a must. 


Numismatic "relief" effects are impossible to implement without currency design software. Line work bends into a "relief" that forms an image or letter(s).




Core Watermark. Non-printed technique/feature that requires a counterfeiter to go into card manufacturing to defeat. Not available in Polycarbonate or combined with RFID.


UV Ink


UV has become a defacto standard in the US and is easily compromised via desktop ribbon printers. If you are considering UV, we recommend red or a spit-fountain.

Microfine Printing

Small text (1pt or smaller) that is often blended into a design. Most microfine printing is not seen with the eye and requires a loupe to authenticate. Loupes are available for sale.


Securing Variable Data


Images, especially the face, should have over-lapping, pre-printed, images.  Laser Engraving is optimal but background elements can help protect against photo substitution.

Line Raster


A perfect example of securing images. This concept also cannot be done without expensive currency-grade software. Images should never be printed using dots. This is incredibly hard to counterfeit.

AuthentiGuard™ Prism


Hidden text or images built into a color tint. Authenticated via a lenticular Viewer or phone app.. Currency-grade.

AuthentiGuard™ Pantograph 4000


Anti-copy/Anti-scan disruptive pattern built into a card design. As cards are scanned first to counterfeit, this feature is "peace of mind" to ensure the original isn't altered in any way.

AuthentiGuard™ BlockOut


Currency-grade feature that is built into the card design that renders cards "scan proof." Only high-end scanners/copiers capable of counterfeiting have the software to detect this feature. Another layer of "peace of mind."




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