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With REAL ID approaching, time is running out to meet or exceed card security requirements..

At DSS Plastics Group, we see millions of cards a month go through our production plant. We all have our favorite designs, security features or color scheme. Through years of card evolution and production, we've formed our core card security values.

  • 6 colors minimum to defeat CMYK counterfeiting.
  • Matching a visible (Overt) feature with an invisible (Covert) feature.
  • Our patented watermark feature in the card core is a must. Why? It is colorless and part of the card manufacturing process which makes countefeiting require full card production, not simply a blank card, desktop printer and CMYK ribbons. 
  • Split-fountain printing. There are only a few card manufacturers in the US that have this capability. Same, worldwide. Using one plate that is split in color to print an image has long been a staple for secure documents. This is a no-brainer.
  • Laser Engraving variable data. Why? The process is new to the secure card market. The machinery is readibly available. You are alterning the plastic card when you engrave into the material. This isn't a film or ribbon transfer onto the surface, there are no consumables. Engraving into the card, the identity attributes, is the most secure process in the world. 
  • MLI - Multiple Laser Image is what holograms have been to cards for 25+ years. Buying stickers overseas has become rampant as a way to counterfeit cards. MLI forms a lens onto the card surface that is then engraved at different angles to give you the "flip/flop" of two images. The MLI feature will be the defacto standard on secure cards moving forward. This is also part of the manufacturing process and incredibly hard to counterfeit without investing in over 2 million dollars of equiptment.

These are just a few of the standards in place. To read more about card design standards, feel free to read the latest 2016 AAMVA published standard. Keep in mind, these were standards 4 years ago. If you aren't meeting standards from 2016, you are falling behind and should strongly consider the risk of one counterfeit card.

Is it worth it?

Newest Design Projects

Our queue is growing! Act now so your design can be completed before REAL ID. 

American Samoa Real ID


Real ID Design and card production



North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians of CA.


ETC design and card production



Muscogee Creek Nation 


ETC card design and production



OSAGE Nation 


ETC card design and card production




Design Tools and Patents



We see millions of cards pass through our facility on a monthly basis. Every project is a learning experience. With 3 generations of experience under our belt, you've chosen the right team.

Production Facility


There are not many card design teams that also operate a production facility. We know what works and know when to say no to something that will lead to failure.

 DSS Patent Portfolio


Developed to defeat counterfeiting, DSS's patents help deter copying and scanning of credentials. We'll pick what works best for your porject! 

Polycarbonate card design and production is painful without an experienced team…


Everything is different in today's secure card market!


Ask a designer. We’re here to help !

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