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Why You Should Use DSS Plastics Group?


Evolution of identity is our niche. Securing your ID, Event, Access and identity is paramount.


Standard desktop ribbon transfer (or retransfer) process is no longer a secure process. These printers are available to everyone in the world, without restrictions. Counterfeiting is rampant. Engraving your data onto a card and altering the platic material is the safest route and will be the next evolution of secure plastic cards. We now how the full product line to assist. 


  1. Engraver
  2. Software to power the engraver,  digital camera and sig pad
  3. Card Design services
  4. Card production capabilities (including WHTI, ETC, EDL, Real ID, etc.)

Secure Variable Data Imaging

MLI Security Feature to deter counterfeiting

"We create only what is worthy enough for a customer. We care about the security of your identity or event. We solve the secure card riddle."